Matrix Means Media 

In this podcast, Brenda Hetrick, CRO of Matrix shares an insider viewpoint on how process, technology, and consumer behavior are propelling the automation evolution of ad buying and selling. Listen in as Brenda interviews key industry leaders that are not only deep in the trenches of the evolution, but integral and influential to driving it forward in the Matrix Means Media podcast.

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Matrix Means Media Podcast Episodes


In this podcast Brenda Hetrick delves into how FreeWheel’s Sarah Foss got started in media, how technology and processes have and haven’t changed over the years, and where we as an industry are going when it comes to automating the ad sales process.




Brenda-HeadshotBrenda believes that growing a company to greatness is fueled by organizational passion for strategic and innovative solutions that drive revenue and align with overall business goals. She focuses her efforts on socializing the value of the Matrix Media Sales Ecosystem to prospects, customers, thought leaders and industry influencers!

As the Chief Revenue Officer, Brenda is responsible to conceive, develop and oversee the execution and success of all revenue-related operations including purposeful sales & marketing blueprints for the media industry.

Brenda’s wide-ranging professional background allows her to apply strategic sales & marketing fundamentals to any industry and provide value by offering insightful, creative solutions to grow companies, overcome hitches, or enter new market segments.

Industry experience: emerging technologies, software, media, healthcare, legal, non-profit/university and financial services.

Brenda holds a B.A. in Economics and Political Science from the University of Pittsburgh and an MBA from Robert Morris University.