Your work space has most likely changed, unexpectedly - and we want you to know we’re here to help! Below you will find some sure-fire ways to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently wherever your new office may be, and no matter who your new co-workers are!

Matrix 24/7

  • Matrix is quite literally at your fingertips! Sign on from any device, at any time, anywhere you are connected to the internet
  • Matrix is cloud-based, providing easy access to all the information you need in one place, including, but not limited to, revenue, customer’s history, contact information, and crucial insights
  • Want Matrix on your mobile device? Check out this Quick Video or follow these steps:
    • Matrix Mobile is Web Based, so you don’t need to download anything from the App Store
    • Simply pull up your phone’s default web browser and go to the same URL you use on your laptop/desktop:
    • Enter your login credentials (use your phone’s password saving options)
    • Save an icon to your home screen
  • Nurture existing relationships by leveraging your contact list, update any contacts if necessary, & see the last time you checked-in/scheduled an activity
  • Schedule a call or video conference to keep face-to-face communication (Slack, Skype, and Zoom are just a few of our go-to’s)
  • Send personalized emails utilizing list builder & mass action emailing
  • Setup alerts to help keep you organized and on top of future opportunities:
    • Accounts without Future Billing
    • Lingering Deals
    • Quiet Accounts
    • Should Have Booked By Now
    • Win-Back Accounts
  • Leverage the Activities module to manage correspondence, including emails and phone calls
  • Not getting the revenue you want? Identify your KPIs and measure them using the Activity Report
  • Managers can have effective virtual one-one-one meetings using the AE profile
  • Ensure 2020 budgets have been entered for AE’s and numbers have been updated if necessary
  • Stay on top of and manage the pipeline through the deals management page
  • Download important events and meetings to Outlook to help track efforts
  • Delve into Account List cleanup action
    • Get old/inactive accounts off your list and into a placeholder
    • Remove lead/prospect accounts that haven’t converted into a billing account from your list
    • Merge duplicates
    • Overdue deal cleanup
  • Update pending deals that are past the due date
Check out more helpful social distance selling tips to the right!

Working Remotely

We know this is different for everyone, but we polled our team to glean the tips and tricks that are helping them maintain a true work-life balance, and thought we would share:
  • Create a designated work space
  • Use Instant Messaging for quick responses / communication
  • Leverage video conference as much as possible - and not just for official meetings, but perhaps even a 15-minute coffee break to connect with co-workers socially or do virtual lunches
  • Dress as if you were going out and wear your shoes
  • Take breaks and if possible step outside to take in a breath of fresh air
  • Want more, check out these 13 tips and tricks at Skillcrush

Matrix Resources

Now is as great a time as any to brush up on Matrix’s latest features and functionality, best practices, and selling success tips:

We're Here for You!

Our Matrix team, probably like you, is working from home and making use of technology to better serve our customers. So with that said, our success managers are at the ready to answer any questions you may have, great or small.

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