August 17, 2021 | 2PM 
Ad Buy/ Sell Automation: Now and When
The TV industry’s march toward automating ad processes and improving transactional efficiencies is well underway - but just how quickly and judiciously is up for debate. What’s been done, what’s still left to do - and how can “both sides” of the ad supply/demand equation better partner to speed up success?
Moderator: Joe Lampert, Senior Program Manager, CNOmniMedia
Mark McKee, SVP Chief Revenue Officer, FreeWheel
Jay Stevens, President, Hudson MX
Fraser Woollard, SVP Business Development, MediaOcean

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Matrix's Annual Media Ad Sales Summit Ι Miami Beach, FL (In-Person Event)
January 19-21, 2022 

Matrix is optimistic and excited to announce the annual Media Ad Sales Summit will return to an in-person event this coming January in Miami Beach, FL at the Nobu Hotel.

Our annual industry-wide event is focused on all things media and technology at the cross-roads of advertising revenue and is designed for media, advertising, and technology executives committed to advancing the future of media ad sales.

Summit sessions will focus on building a prosperous advertising ecosystem that promotes industry-wide automation, data consistency, and transparency, while reducing the friction between the buy and sell sides when it comes to selling advertising inventory in an omnichannel market.

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